Why Are You Saving Stuff?

I recently signed up for a course designed for women in midlife. The creator and facilitator of the course provided beautiful worksheets for participants to use for discussion during the course. My first thought? These are much too pretty to write on (the purpose for which they were created); I don't want to mess them up with my random thoughts; I will save them. I will make my notes in my journal. Schreeeeech! (That's the enlightened Gigi slamming on the brakes!!!!)

And then the epiphany! If you are not using things for the purpose the giver created, what is their value? If it's too nice to use today, will it be less nice tomorrow? And for God's sake, tell me if you won't use them now, when you need them, at what point do you think you will have the, let me see, what's the word I want to use here. Courage? Opportunity? Inclination? Bravery? Fearlessness? Balls???

Here is what I think: This has to stop here! Today is the day I set women worldwide free from the curse of the "this is too nice to use, I'll save it" syndrome. I hereby order you to either use the damn thing or give it to someone who will. There is no better time, occasion, or event; there is only now, today! You are worthy and deserving of the best; They created it with you in mind. Use it for the purpose for which it came into your possession, or I will personally come to find you and rip it out of your sweet, albeit slightly psychotic hands.

Think of all the beautiful things you get to enjoy now, while you're still alive, the good sheets you were saving for company, the crystal wine goblets for that dinner party you were going to host someday, the cheese tray that's perfect for a wine tasting (do they still sell these?) Why not throw yourself a party and use them all at the same time? I promise you after you are gone, your children and grandchildren will appreciate that you did not leave your precious, beautiful things to become an albatross around their necks (i.e., I can't get rid of it, it meant so much to mom).

So here's to you, enlightened Gigi, for writing on every inch of those beautiful worksheets. They look even better now that you have enriched them with your thoughts. And here's to you and the I'm Celebrating Me party you throw for yourself. I will be watching for my invite.