Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? This line from a beloved fairy tale has delighted children of all ages for many, many years. However, the problem with this fairy tale, if there could be one, is the response from the mirror. You see, up until the story goes south, the mirror always had the right answer, “you, my Queen, are the fairest one of all.” The issue at hand here is little girls all over the world looked to their mirrors for that very answer, but instead of a kind, loving, and truth-telling mirror they were faced with an evil, hateful one that told a very different tale. 

Mirror, mirror...”Oh God, not you again!” Yes, It’s me, again. 

“Listen, why do you do this? You already know, not only are you not the fairest, you are not even in the running.  We have had this discussion so many times, look around you, what do you see, pale or light skin being praised and lifted up. Fine features, slim noses and straight hair, nothing at all like you, dark brown and broad-nosed.” These are the lies they were told, either by looking at the mirror on the wall or the one called “social media”.  

In an attempt to “fix” that which was never broken in the first place, beautiful, brown skin and noses are sacrificed. Cheekbones, hips, and thighs originally sculpted by God himself, are altered in search of that which does not exist, perfection

In a world filled with pre-conceived notions, misinformation and carnival mirror-like distorted images it is easy to lose ourselves, especially when we look outside ourselves for validation.  Even though we have been told “I am not my hair” we have bought into the lie of the fairy tale. But let us not forget, Snow White was almost killed because of her “beauty” and the evil that comes is caused bycomparison.

So, here is what I think: It’s time to break the mirror and instead of looking outside, begin to look within where the true beauty lies. Instead of allowing the world to dictate to you, why not show the world who you are? Begin to use all of the gifts, talents, and abilities you discover by going with in to change what you see and project to the world.